Sunday, 14 August 2011


This will probably be the last entry unfortunately, as we're currently on a train to Vienna airport. By the time i finish we'll more than likely be on the plane as each one of us is massively hungover. Anyway, I may as well start to try and evoke!

The second day in Slovenia was only marred by the amount of time we had there. We again woke early as planned to get the bus to Lake Bled as we'd heard so many good things about it, and it definitely didn't disappoint. The lake itself was stunning enough, but with the tiny island with the church in the middle, the overlooking cliff with castle perched on top and the rowing boats idling across, it all made for a beautiful place. After a small stroll we then hired a boat!! And rowed across to the island, around it and back, and it was gorgeous! We ate (with €25 we found whilst strolling) and the swam and dived a lot; brilliant!

We then caught our train to Vienna; not a long journey and with beer and trivial pursuit we were soon in Austria's capital. Finding our way to the hostel was interesting, but we managed. And what a hostel it was! Rather big, gelt like a hotel, but a cool, modern, aimed-at-the-rich-twentysomethings hotel. Friendly and with bar and free wifi.

We were far too cream bracketed to do anything on the first night, but got up leisurely on the first morning and had a very authentic Austrian breakfast at the world famous Naschmarkt. Then on to the already mentioned Segway experience. That was clearly a massive highlight, got to see loads and tit around for a long time, but we kind of peaked to soon as the rest of the day was quite slow. After a chill, a few beers, and a cheap set menu meal, we had a massive last night out with three travellers from Montreal and a English art dealer from Paris. In brief, we got drunk, pretty drunk, and we're still feeling it.

Nothing much to mention of today, and we're currently sat in the departure lounge waiting to board - don't know why you needed that level of info.

Thank you for following, it's been a laugh writing this and, if anything, will help us remember what transpired over the past 2 weeks!

Auf wiedersehen!

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

ThatS EGsactlay the WAY to see Wien!


This really is just a quick update. Just had an experience and a half tearing up the cycle lanes of Vienna for a couple of hours on Segways and got a quick video right at the end.

YouTube Video

They only cost around €8,000 so its going on my Christmas list I think.

Speak soon.

P.s sorry about the title, took me about 25 mins to fit a pun like that in.

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ljubly Jubbly-ski

Just about to top off one of the best days of the whole continental jaunt with an authentic Slovenian meal; Stag steaks and Game plates!

Not got long, but just got enough time to say everything, every aspect and every person in Slovenia has surpassed our expectations in virtually every way! After arriving after 2am last night we had help from four drunk/stoned locals in finding the hostel. Then the hostel staff did themselves proud with a very friendly middle of the night welcome. The hostel itself is quite reminiscent still of eastern bloc Europe, but it's got more than everything we need. And it's clean, oh so clean!

We got up very early; we had to make the most of it as we only had one full day in the capital. First mission was to book the tickets to vienna, which was by far the easiest and cheapest reservation we've made in europe; this is where the 'bigging up' really starts!

From there we paid €7 for a trip up a funicular to the castle, entry to the castle, museum entry, and a 3D (ish) show about Ljubljana's history; back of the net!

From there, we explored the centre briefly, and again it was pristine so we had a bit of lunch next to a very green square. Everyone we've spoken to is that ideal level of friendliness, and this was true of lunch too, very amicable people.

(We've just finished the food and it's a big thumbs up all round!)

We hired bikes (€1 per hour) and took off towards the park. An impressive 18 hole crazy golf course was the next impromptu port of call and then more of a ride through the suburban-esque lanes where everything is so chilled. A beer by the canal, and then a mess around on the bikes (should've explained; the bikes had a lot of Mary Poppins about them which added a hilarious dimension to the day) in the town/city, back to the room and out for a late meal. And that, our dear followers, brings you up to date!

A request has been made to emphasise the importance of th bikes in making the day what it was! They were hilarious, ridiculously fun and probably shouldn't really have to handle the likes of us. Also, the beer is beautiful.

Needless to say, Slovenia has already massively impressed us, and there's so much going on that a return is already being discussed.

Next stop is Lake Bled and last stop is Vienna, so we'll chat soon!


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Free wifi in Ljubljana, so here's some pics

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Water place to visit

A world away from Milan in many ways, Venice has been an extravaganza! There's been so much to do that only now are we content with just sitting instead of closely studying canals, museums, churches and impressive Venetian Squares.

Yesterday started (after an attempted conversation with il signora on reception; i think she slightly resembled Natalie Portman in Star Wars) with croissants for breakfast, and then a walk to the railway where we hopped on a boat bus snaking us down the Grand Canal. The traffic and mayhem (which isn't overly distracting; at times it's very calm) simply doesn't detract from the awe inspiring nature of it all. As Tommy will attest to, the draw of the place is incredible, and the Grand Canal was for us the highlight. It is very arguable that with increasing globalisation and this fast paced, commercial world, Venice is becoming one of the few truly unique cities left on the planet.

After that little splutter of pessimism, more on our day of exploration! After the boat trip we disembarked at the district known as Arsenale at the east of the city. Mark had been keen to see what the city had to offer in ways of historical battlements and weaponry. Instead, we found the starts of Venice's biennial international art exhibition, some of the photos of which I hope I've uploaded. We didn't see much as we were headed for San Marco's square but it was at the very least thought provoking.

San Marcos square was very good looking but maybe it's reputation had got to us. It is bordered mainly by high end fashion shops, café/restaurants and gelataria's, and the cathedral at the end was rather stunning, but with endorsements from the likes of Napoleons, I think we expected more.

Free that it was a leisurely stroll back to the hostel (no signora by this time) we had some drinks, a small chill-ax and then out again to assess the available ristorantes! This time we found a beauty, brilliant place and we may even grace it with our presence later. More wine and games after that and then a steady sleep.

Today we checked out, another fleeting chat with seniorita, breakfast from the shop and then off to follow our hearts and dreams; hiring a boat. As tommy explains "after a lengthy ramble around many alleys, we decided they were more likely to be found near water." But it now seems like its not possible. So in the end, we settled for any kind of water activity; but that doesn't seem possible either. Not even in the lagoon.

To tie up the rest of our afternoon, we abandoned our search, took a marginally perilous 50c gondola ride across the Grand Canal and, after more aimless strolling, are now sat playing cards drinking on a crossroads of 2/3 alleys. Our only choice of train to he Slovenian capital of Ljubljana is at 9:something this evening, so we're preparing for a rough journey.

Tell you more soon.



Monday, 8 August 2011

Some pictorial evidence

Found a Wi-fi hotty spotty so heres some pics

Firstly, rogue Italian driver in rain storm with a point to prove got me good

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Wrong time of year...

Before we start (i say 'we' as theres now 4 of us with inputs) we should say we are happy with our time in milan. We got to experience what we were looking for; the main bulk of the city and the San Siro stadium. However, as is clear from the title, we couldn't really take in the able city as lots of it closes for the hot summer month of August.

Another thing to mention is that it seemed a hundred times easier to buy a dress/handbag/ meaningless accessory than it would be to find somewhere selling fruit. On our second day we must have travelled for 2 miles in search of a mini supermarket and all we found were extortionate fashion boutiques and mucho expensiveé cafes.

The San Siro was impressive, the parks were attractive and the weather was hot so it was no disappointment. And we did eventually find a big supermarket!

Anyway, after an annoying early train ride, we're now in Venice, and it is gorgeous! The scouting mission is complete, we've established ourselves and ready to take on the rest of the city tomorrow. In general it's not as expensive as we thought, and we're talking about hiring a boat in a couple of days and tearing it up in the lagoon!

Keep you posted

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